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Wood Flooring

For Your Home Or Business

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    Wood Flooring

    Choosing the best flooring for your home or business is the most underrated task you can find yourself in. This is evident as it affects the aesthetic feeling as well as the general outlook of the house.

    Wooden floors are naturally beautiful, and they match with every construction model, be it traditional or modern.

    Floors To Your Door USA is the best in delivering the wood-flooring you want. A wooden floor can give you a sense of appreciation as the material itself is perfect in giving you a look you deserve.

    Hardwood Flooring 

    Durability is obviously the reason why most customers are opting for hardwood flooring.  Through our well-set distribution, we can deliver wooden flooring to your home or business. We have gained a trusted reputation from thousands of satisfied customers.

    Pros of Wood Flooring

    • Beautiful look
    • Available in many varieties
    • Easy to maintain
    • Wood flooring is a good acoustic

    • Long lasting
    • Blends perfectly with any decor
    • It is warm

    Hardwood flooring can last up to a hundred years if well maintained. Therefore, it has a good worth as the wood-flooring value increases with time.

    Engineered Versus Solid Wood Flooring

    Solid wood flooring is made of hardwood species which are milled to allow for interlocks when installing. The flooring can be refinished multiple times.

    Engineered wood-flooring consists of a thin hardwood layer attached to a plywood layer, giving it good stability. They last for up to thirty years and are cheaper and easier to install. In addition, engineered hardwood is resistant to warping hence favorable for both sunny and rainy weather conditions.

    Solid hardwood is narrower and has a wide variety of colors as compared to engineered hardwood flooring, which has wider floorboards and a narrow range of species and colors.
    Both types are good in heat resistance.

    We sell quality solid hardwood at our store; hence you can be sure of proven durability because the flooring can be sanded several times throughout its lifespan. In addition, a varnish coat can be applied after some years to ensure that the wood-flooring maintains its attractiveness.

    Our Services

    Our greatest task is to provide you with wood-flooring that suits your residential and commercial space. Our niche distributes wood-flooring, which has earned us recognition as the most renowned flooring company. The distribution process narrows down to bringing you the flooring options to your home in order for you to have a better feel for it. This is proof enough that we need you to experience that awesome feeling brought about by wood flooring.

    Our commitment has made us your reliable partner in wood flooring distribution. We continue to evolve and distribute to you the wood-flooring you desire, which calls for the need to purchase our products.


    Flooring is a crucial task in the construction and decoration of a house. There are many flooring types which include linoleum and laminate flooring. Wood-flooring gives your home a perfect look.

    Floors To Your Door USA is your best choice for a flooring company.

    We also bring the products to your home for you to witness the quality products we are offering. Flooring has never been this easy!

    Our company has been trusted for quite long due to the timely delivery and the quality products we deliver to our customers.

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